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 As a fellow optometrist, I did not like the idea of my patients and my practice over-paying for branded frames. Determined to make a difference, I embarked on a search for high quality frames at prices lower than big brands. I traveled abroad extensively. The results of my search produced Z Eyewear and Zen Eyewear. Both of which I am extremely proud.

 We work only with Mazzucchelli zyl acetate, Southeast Asian water buffalo and the finest Japanese metal to create high quality frames at much lower cost to our practices.

 Currently, Z Eyewear generates over 50% of sales in my own practice, which consists of three ophthalmologists and two optometrists. We understood from the beginning that it would be difficult to position ourselves against known fashion branded frames. However, in the last two years we outsold the competition in our practice by providing superior quality frames at an affordable price point.
Zen Rondowsky, OD

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